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Technology is ever changing, but the quantum leap is in the making…..

TPTW has made two extremely important moves the past few months that, layered on top of the plans laid out in the latest Share Holder letter…. have a seat…. we are about to witness history.

TPT Global Tech Acquires the Patent Pending Full HD Naked Eye 3D Fully Functional Experience without 3D Glasses Mobility Technology

TPTW recently completed the purchase of the technology and intellectual property of Lion Universe Technologies, a Los Angeles-based Mobile Technology think tank. 

The Lion smartphone is the first Full HD Naked Eye 3D smartphone ever launched in the United States. Lion Universe mobile 3D technology is patent pending. 

The smartphone will be distributed through TPT Global Tech's wholly owned subsidiary K-TEL's existing brick and mortar distribution channel in the Northwest and very soon a National and International roll out.  TPTW is building industry leading personal cellular phones designed for a wide appeal. With a business model built on innovation and progress starting with the Lion Phone technology, the company produces high-quality and easy-to-use cellular phones.

The Lion Phone was designed for consumers looking for portable and affordable cutting-edge technology.  The Company's first-generation phones come equipped with full high definition resolution screen for better viewing. This Full HD Naked Eye 3D smartphone is perfect for watching movies, playing games, even editing photos or videos.

Performance and Portability

Whether it's looking at photos, playing music, emailing or surfing the web, consumers want more from their phones. The Lion Phone raises the bar for cellular phones. For the first time ever, cellular users can enjoy quality 3D viewing with the naked eye, no glasses required, enjoying full high definition video with smooth playback.

"Consumers have been waiting for a way to watch their favorite movies in 3D, now they can watch them in the convenience of their phone and Gamers can have the leisure of playing their games without taking all that head gear with them," said Enoch Brande, President of New Product Development, Lion Universe Technology. "Throughout our company, we strive to give customers the best possible experience with our Full HD Naked Eye 3D smartphone in the US and Global markets. "

TPTW added the patent pending Full HD Naked Eye 3D smartphone hardware technology to theirportfolios of companies. This acquisition continues their commitment in moving TPT Global Tech into the Global Mobile Digital Media Technology space.

9 Days later, the company begins to utilize the newly formed relationship with AT&T.

Trucom, an Arizona CLEC, launches wireless mobility products and services Nationwide operating on the AT&T 4G and 5G US Wireless Mobility Network

TPTW added the patent pending Full HD Naked Eye 3D smartphone hardware technology to theirportfolios of companies. This acquisition continues their commitment in moving TPT Global Tech into the Global Mobile Digital Media Technology space.

TPTW's Arizona based wholly owned subsidiary CLEC Trucom recently completed its AT&T Mobility wireless certification. Trucom is now positioned to launch Trucom Wireless and Broadband Services Nationally with its strategic partner AT&T, utilizing AT&T's mobility 4G and 5G National network. 

TruCom ( is a Facilities Based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.  Founded in 2006 for the purpose of operating a state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Network, Trucom operates its own carrier class Fiber Optic Network, state-of-the-art Wireless Point-to-Point network, and Patent Pending proprietary "Bulletproof" technology seamlessly integrating the two.

TruCom offers Phone, Internet, Fiber Optic, Wireless, Hosted PBX, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Engineering, Cabling, Wiring and Cloud services.  With a penchant for pushing the envelope, TruCom has pioneered innovative, hosted firewall and managed MPLS service technologies (SuperCore MPLS™) and was the Industry first to engineer patent-pending failover services utilizing our own fiber optic and wireless networks to guarantee business continuity and service uptime.  

Co-located in multiple Local Serving Offices and Points of Presence (POP's) in the primary Data Centers in the market, TruCom's extensive Fiber Optic Network runs through the heart of the most densely populated corridors of the Greater Phoenix Metro Area. Their Wireless Point to Point and Point to Multipoint Network is fed by the infinitely scalable capacity of the Fiber Optic Network and consists of more than 16 Major Access Points. 

"We here at TPT Global Tech are very pleased to add the patent pending Full HD Naked Eye 3D smartphone hardware technology to our portfolios of companies. This acquisition continues our commitment in moving TPT Global Tech into the Global Mobile Digital Media Technology space. We also look forward to continuing our working relationship with Linda Kelly who will continue to head Lion Phone division as its CEO and her outstanding tech team moving forward," said Stephen Thomas, CEO of TPT Global Tech Inc.

A few important points to keep in mind about TPTW:

  • TPTW reported over $2Mill in Revs for 2016
  • TPTW already showed over $700K in revs for Q1 of 2017
  • TPTW is sporting a TINY FLOAT of only 4.4Mill shares

So, now that we have a very interesting picture of TPTW's future direction, and the fact that last time we discussed the chart and letter of share holders, we witnessed a 600% uptrend over the next thre days….this should be interesting.

Please start your research on TPTW right away and enjoy.

We have received five thousand dollars via a bank wire for the awareness of TPTW.

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