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Lets start off with this – Edgewater Wireless Systems, Inc. (KPIFF) was selected to the Venture 50 for being a “top performer” both in corporate growth and in the market.


Watch this YouTube video (1:09 seconds that could change your life):


Why Now: KPIFF’s partnerships with Kroger and 4 of the top 5 cable providers in the world are expected to make 2018 an exciting breakout year for KPIFF.


After putting over $60 Mln in product development KPIFF’s revolutionary, industry leading technologies are being rolled out across the US this year.


 – 20+ patents

 – Launching revolutionary technology with Top 5, Fortune 500 retailer

 – Signed its first licensing agreement of its patent with Apple Inc.

 – YES, APPLE NEEDS THIS SMALL COMPANY’S TECH (maybe not small for long)

 – just signed deal with major chain Kroger to provide service in about 3,000 stores

 – has 7 figure assets


According to Edgewater’s CEO, in 2017 KPIFF “closed a deal with one of the largest retailers in the US, which really started to transform us from a revenue perspective. 2018 will be a very exciting year for us as we start to execute against our partnership with Kroger Corporation and we begin to rollout across the US.

In addition to our work with Kroger, we are now engaged with 4 out of the top 5 largest cable operators in the world and we’ll start to see revenue come out of those projects in the latter part of the year.”


Insane Numbers behind KPIFF: KPIFF was selected by the World Wireless Broadband Alliance to provide industry-leading product guidance.


 – Simply put, KPIFF’s wireless tech is better than what we use today

 – they have a large patent estate protecting their tech

 – as KPIFF’s tech is “rolled out” it will grow, capturing more and more market share


The thing is, this is a gigantic market – it is GARGANTUOUS:


 – $33.6 Billion Global WiFi market by 2020


You see where numbers and projections can start to get more than a tad bit insane…

KPIFF owns the next generation technology in a $30+ Billion Market!


And a lot of the big guys (including Apple, Inc.) are starting to align themselves with KPIFF because of it!



Edgewater Wireless Systems, Inc.




Must See Product Video:


Venture 50:




KPIFF Quote:


YFI Quote:


Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc. develops and commercializes technologies and intellectual property for the wireless communications market in Europe and North America. The company’s flagship product line includes WiFi3, a family of multi-channel Wi-Fi access points that target Wi-Fi applications in the high-density Wi-Fi and Internet of Things markets.




  • Quarterly reported released on 4.20.18 lists current assets at $1,223,227
  • Collaborating with Kroger to enhance retailer’s in-store infrastructure with the next generation WiFi platform, powered by Edgewater's WiFi3™ technology
  • The technology Edgewater is forwarding is covered by 20+ patents and offers solutions to Wi-Fi’s major limitations
  • The company’s first licensing agreement of its patent was with Apple Inc.
  • Edgewater’s products are being endorsed by very large peers within the industry –even global standards organizations
  • The company has invested $60 million to date bringing its technology to market
  • Edgewater is launching with a Top 5, Fortune 500 retailer for the world’s largest Wi-Fi and IoT deployment
  • Edgewater just signed a deal with the major US Grocery chain Kroger to provide instore Wi-Fi in nearly 3,000 stores
  • Edgewater has been selected by the World Wireless Broadband Alliance to provide industry-leading product guidance


You’ve probably heard that today’s smartphone has more computing power than all of NASA when they began sending astronauts to the moon. In fact, many of today’s washing machines, kitchen appliances, televisions, security systems, lawn sprinklers, air conditioners, etc. can make that claim as well. 


It’s an amazing testament to how far we’ve come technologically in such a short period of time.



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