2017's Biotech Alert of the Year Is Here! INOL's Inojex30 is the ONLY FDA Approved Device Of It's Kind in a $9.8 Billion Market! With a Shortage of 300,000 Devices in North America Alone, Demand is Already Exceeding Supply – Making INOL The Biotech Play of the Year!

INOL's revolutionary drug delivery device could transform a $9.8 Billion industry that is expected to hit $20 Billion by 2021.

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Tonight is pretty special, often is the case in the small markets that we find companies that are in the process of tapping into their potential but INOL is in rarified air. This will not be a long-winded report, tonight is too important for that, instead I'll stay on point with what you need to know before tomorrow morning. In a single paragraph I'll sum up INOL for you.

The amazing INOL story in one paragraph:

INOL's device is FDA Approved; in fact, it is the ONLY FDA approved over-the-counter needle-free injection device on the market today. Last year, in North America alone there was a shortage of 300,000 such needle-free devices. Instead of a traditional syringe with a needle, INOL's device injects medicine under the skin more efficiently and painlessly. It can be used to deliver "shots" for the treatment of Diabetes, Local Anesthesia, Vaccines & Growth Hormones as well as use in Dental, Veterinary and Aesthetic / Beauty practices. This summer INOL engaged investment banking firm Maxim Group LLC, a firm with $2.8 Billion under management, to assist INOL with funding so that INOL can help fill the 300,000 device shortage. As part of INOL's agreement with Maxim, Maxim will help INOL qualify and uplist to NASDAQ Capital Market. INOL's device is also approved by Health Canada (for use in Canada) and the European Medicines Agency (for use in Europe).

Now we can get into the details, but you already know the story… and it's an incredible one! So get INOL on your screen now and be ready tomorrow morning!

INOL has been called, "2017's Top Biotech Pick of the Year". See that very detailed report here:

This is INOL's device, the Inojex30:

Here is the FDA's website showing you Inojex30's Product code, Device Class, Registration Number, Classification Name and that this is registered to the INOL as the owner:

INOL is anything but normal; don't let it pass you by. This could be a tremendously undervalued ground floor play. Get started on your research now and be ready for tomorrow morning.

Tonight's New Summer Blockbuster Play is
Inolife Technologies, Inc. (INOL)

Company Website

Detailed INOL Report
"2017's #1 Biotech Pick"

INOL Quote

InoLife Technologies Inc. (INOL) develops and commercializes drug delivery devices, drug delivery technologies and products for the cure and care of our global customers. INOL's flagship product, the Inojex30, is an innovative needle-free technology that delivers a fine stream of medication subcutaneously without using a needle.

INOL's Inojex30 "fine stream of medication" is less than half the radius of a needle and delivers the medicine in a more efficient, uniform manner than traditional needles.

INOL recently engaged the services of investment bank Maxim Group to bring INOL and their technology to the next level.

At the time of INOL/Maxim's agreement, INOL President stated:

"This is a very important milestone for Inolife on our path to graduating to a national stock exchange," said Mr. Michael Wright, President & CEO of Inolife. "Maxim Group is a respected full-service investment banking firm with an impressive track-record of success in helping healthcare companies grow, and we are confident that they are the right corporate finance partner for Inolife."

INOL's biotechnology has a lot going for it right now:

  • Been approved by three top regulatory agencies, including the FDA
  • Manufactures only FDA approved over-the-counter needle-free injection device
  • Expecting to uplist to NASDAQ in 2018 following recent agreement with Maxim Group LLC

Those accomplishments and benchmarks are impressive enough yet what truly places INOL in an enviable position is growing demand inside the market they operate.

  • From 2012 to 2016 the injectable market has seen an increase of 43%
  • Injectable Drug Delivery Market worth 624.50 Billion USD by 2021
  • Currently, 16 Billion injections are received worldwide annually
  • Demand exceeds supply in North America, resulting in a shortage last year of 300,000 needle-free devices

As if this wasn't enough, the technology used by INOL is being backed by prominent organizations such as the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and various groups including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Just what is this technology? Well it's an innovative needle-free technology that delivers a fine stream of medication subcutaneously without using a needle. The injections with the InoLife Inojex are virtually pain-free and do not lead to tissue damage on long term use. The InoLife injector is a reusable device, which utilizes disposable ampoules and other accessories.

We mentioned potential earlier and the opportunities that exist for this technology are vast. INOL lists a full menu of uses for their Inojex needle-free injector and these include:

  • Diabetes
  • Local Anesthesia
  • Dental
  • Vaccines & Growth Hormones
  • Veterinary
  • Aesthetic / Beauty

It's pretty easy to understand why we are excited about INOL. The regulatory approval alone is enough to take notice, as is the market size and expected growth, so too are the many uses of this technology. Now understand that we have all three of these together in one company.

Simply put, INOL should absolutely be on the top of your trading screen tomorrow!

Like I said, tonight's play is pretty rare and pretty special. It's not often you see a company with a technology this advanced and FDA approved on the small markets.

I make no attempt to hide our love for biotech. There are few things in the small markets more beautiful and more exciting than a biotech that catches fire.

When investors find a new biotech that they can get behind it can skyrocket!

INOL could be that next biotech to capture the imagination of the small market and light it up!

Also, today INOL slid all the way down to .15, although the bid and offer has already started to rise back up.

Yesterday INOL closed at .30 and it was trading up over $2 this summer!

Today's slide could have opened a very big door.

Not only does INOL have operations that could place its value well above its current level, it could also see a significant bounce right around the corner.

A return to where it was this morning could translate to a 100% run.

A return to its summer levels could translate to a colossal run of 1,233%.

It's not often that we see situations like this; this play could be epically undervalued!

Now to be clear no one is expecting it to see a return to those summer levels in the short term, but even a fraction could translate to a massive percentage!

Like I said at the start, tonight's play is something quite special.

Have INOL on the top of your screen tomorrow morning.

Situations like this do not come along every day. We urge members to take Swift Action and start your research right away. We could be looking at something Exceptional!

As always, we encourage you to do further research.

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