FRRSF – Has Closed Green 4 of the Last 5 Sessions


Assets grew over 75% in just 3 months!

Our last play worked out well.  It bounced back and was up 27% today and is still sitting nicely above the alert price.  It looks as though all the selling has gone away on that one and we expect it to move higher on any buying pressure.

Remember that we also gave you a MJ play back in October that just hit highs a few days ago that showed us 50%+.

There are a few hot industries out there right now.  If you could pick 5 that really stand out, Lithium would most definitely be in that conversation.

According to a report released today by Zion Market Research, the global lithium-ion battery market was about $31.1Bln in 2016 and is expected to reach $67.7Bln in 2022. More on lithium in a moment… first, a glance at tonight’s lithium play that already has Phase 1 & Phase 2 Drilling Program results.

What happened to our last lithium/cobalt play?

That is correct, it shot up way above level even traders thought would be the top resistance points.



With that being said, add FRSSF to you watch list

Want to see what a beautiful chart looks like:


StockTA’s “Overall: Bullish” Analysis: Bullish for All 3 Terms & Overall

Barchart’s 100% Green Opinion: All 13 Indicators are Green



Note: The StockTA analysis pictured and linked above is for Far Resources’ OTC symbol FRRSF. Because FRRSF is new to the OTC Barchart does not have an opinion yet, so the Barchart link above is for Far’s CSE symbol, FAT.


As you can see, it’s about as perfect as it gets – StockTA doesn’t even list Resistance, only support… and FRRSF is a heck of a lot more than just a pretty chart. According to their latest CSE filing (numbers in CDN):


– As of June 30th, Assets Total: $2,795,874

– In March of 2017 Assets Totaled: $1,586,415


That’s more than 76% growth in FRRSF’s Assets in just 3 months!


Lithium, an essential component in modern car batteries and battery-operated cars, is the future of transportation:

– China wants 5Mln electric cars on the road by 2020

– California plans to have 1.5 million “zero-emission vehicles” by 2025

– California lawmakers want to “ban the sale of new cars fueled by internal-combustion engines after 2040”

– Goldman-Sachs called lithium the “new gasoline”


$67.7Bln is a monster number that shows us the evidence of the current “Lithium Boom,” but it doesn’t tell us the whole story. You see, until very recently, lithium was mined by just 3 companies… 3 Very Big Companies… yet as large as they are, they’re not capable of mining the massive amounts of lithium needed to meet the skyrocketing demand.

This massive gap in supply vs demand – potentially a $30BLN gap – is being filled by small mining companies new to the lithium game; and any time a Small company finds itself in a Big situation… well, that pretty much exemplifies the companies we search for.

One of these companies, Far Resources Ltd (OTCMKTS: FRRSF)(CSE: FAT), is a bit ahead of the field in its lithium mining & assay efforts and has recently built a near-perfect chart that just can’t be ignored:


Far Resources Ltd.




American: OTC: FRRSF

Canadian: CSE: FAT

Investor Presentation:

Far Resources Presentation


October 26th Lithium Testing: Assay Results for 60 Rock Samples from the Zoro Lithium Property


In mining it’s not always what you have but where you have it, in many cases the location of your exploration will determine the viability of your operations. In the case of Far Resources Ltd. the location of their two options couldn’t be better situated.

According to the Fraser Institute, Manitoba- home to FRRSF’s Zoro Lithium Property, is ranked as the world’s second best jurisdiction for mining investment.

Additionally, the company’s second option is the Winston Property, a silver and gold property located in New Mexico, USA, which is also ranked in the top 25 mining jurisdictions in the world by the Fraser Institute.

We’ll look at the lithium property first, but keep this in mind:

According to a report by Zion Market Research, the global lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery market was valued at around USD 31.17 billion in 2016 and is expected to generate revenue of USD 67.70 billion by end of 2022 and growing at a CAGR of slightly above 13.70% over the forecast period.

Metals and minerals consultancy Roskill Information Services provides a base scenario for lithium consumption at 290,000 tons in 2020. However, that figure rises to a sizeably larger 420,000 tons in what it calls its “optimistic” scenario.

Zoro Lithium Property:

Situated in west-central Manitoba within the historic Snow Lake mining camp, the Zoro1 Claim covers a significant lithium pegmatite occurrence known as the “Principal Dyke”, it contains an historic “reserve” based on 1956 drilling of 1.8 million tonnes grading 1.4% Li2O to a depth of 305 m.

Recent news surrounding Zoro Lithium Property:

  • Entered into an MOU with Quantum Resources Limited, an exploration company that has the right to earn an interest in the Thompson Brothers lithium project which is contiguous with Far Resource’s option
  • As part of MOU. Both companies have agreed to exchange information and to work together to assess the viability and potential synergies of developing their lithium assets in Manitoba together over the course of a one-year period
  • During the period of the MOU, the parties will explore the most efficacious way to work together to move their projects forward through a mutually beneficial agreement to both parties

Addressing this MOU, Keith Anderson, President and CEO of Far Resources, summed up the significance of the deal, stating, “I am excited about the potential that can be unlocked by working together with Quantum on our lithium projects in Manitoba. The MOU represents the possibility for operational synergies and development options that will benefit Far Resources and our shareholders. We will be actively proceeding to investigate these possibilities to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.”

Assay Results Released November 27, 2017:

  • Company prospectors collected 60 representative rock chip samples from historic trenches and pits in Dykes 2, 3 and 4. These samples were analyzed for multiple elements including lithium and related metals
  • High grade lithium with maximum values of 1.42% and 2.71% Lithium Oxide (Li20) were documented from Dykes 2 and 4 respectively
  • Results increase the number of known high grade lithium-bearing pegmatite dykes on the Zoro property thereby providing targets for upcoming diamond drilling

Commenting on the results, Anderson stated, “The number of significant lithium-bearing pegmatite dykes on the Zoro property continues to grow as our geoscientific data becomes available. Two prospecting teams are now on our newly acquired ground at Zoro to explore for new lithium-bearing pegmatite. We also anxiously await assay results from our recently completed drill program on Dyke 1.”

Now for the gold and silver option in New Mexico. Once more something to keep in mind:

TD Securities commodity analysts have expressed a bullish position for both gold and silver in their 2018 Global Outlook- saying “its trade recommendation for next year is to go long silver” while also expressing optimism for a steady climb in gold prices.

Famed investor Jim Rickards has stated he is not convinced the Fed will raise rates next month at its monetary policy meeting and if they don’t he maintains that gold prices could reach $10,000 an ounce.

Winston Property

Located in Sierra County, New Mexico the property includes the Little Granite Mine as well as the Ivanhoe-Emporia Mines

Video Detailing Winston Property

Little Granite Mine– a high grade, past-producing underground silver-gold mine located in the Black Range Mining District of New Mexico. The main structure hosts a low sulphidation epithermal quartz vein (similar to the high grade Midas and Sleeper mines in Nevada), which has been traced for over 500 feet by underground workings and exploration drilling

Exploration Plan

Phase 1 – $350,000

– Diamond Drilling, to verify historic drilling results

– Property Maintenance

– Improved Road Access

– Field Sampling

Phase 2 – $600,000

– Ground Geophysics

– Data Analysis, Research

– Geo Re-Interpretation

– Diamond Drilling

Ivanhoe-Emporia Mines– mines are past producers of gold and silver, with a decline of 370 feet.  They have potential for a large tonnage of lower grade, stockwork veins surrounding high-grade veins mined in the past

Project overview:

– Past producing gold-silver mine

– Main shaft to 384 feed depth

– 370ft decline

– Potential for large tonnage of lower grade, stock work veins surrounding high grade veins mined in the past

– Soil geochemistry and geophysical anomalies defined for follow-up when funds available.



In the last three to four years we’ve personally spent more time researching lithium than any other industry. In an era of disruptive technologies and advancements, lithium is disrupting the automobile industry.

Take a moment to think about that – one of the world’s largest industries that has generated trillions over more than a century and created household name icons is being turned on its head!

And amongst the biggest winners of this “electric car revolution” is lithium.

So, to recap, here is the blockbuster we’re looking at tonight:

– FRRSF operates in one of the world’s hottest industry

– FRRSF’s chart is drop-dead gorgeous

– FRRSF already has quality drill results that are generating A LOT of attention

– FRRSF has started to move, closing today at $0.7686

– FRRSF has major assets on its books

– Volume is building – over 537K today

FRRSF closed today at $0.7686, just off the day’s high of $0.8061 – there could be more room to run tomorrow!

If you didn’t click on the Barchart link at the top, this is what you missed:



That is a lot of green; how much further can FRRSF continue on this epic run?

We’re looking at a ground floor situation that is already exploding.

Make sure you put FRRSF & FAT.CN are the top of your screen right away.

FRRSF closed at $0.7686 today.

Far Resources Canadian issue, CSE:FAT, closed today at $0.86 with 6,013,000 in volume – nearly 3 times its daily average.






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