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Let the housing market stutter all it wants, new developments for retirees are the hottest thing around -- and LSDC is grabbing a piece of the action.


Take a look at the LSDC chart to gauge what a little exposure to golf-and-healthcare crowd means in the current economy:

LSDC (2).png

Volume ramping to 250% lastmonth’s levels. BULLISH
Price already rallying 55% in the last 3 weeks. BULLISH
MACD positive to confirm the up trend. BULLISH
Accumulation through the roof! EXTREMELY BULLISH


In the last 3 weeks, twice as many LSDC shares have changed hands than moved in the previous two months put together.


I like to see a healthy uptick in volume as a sign that Wall Street is catching onto a stock, but this is above and beyond the usual flow.


Break it down day by day, and that volume volcano is overwhelmingly on the side of the bulls . . . accumulation/distribution ratio is above 8.


That tells me that now that LSDC has taken its trading to a new level, most of the action is traders grabbing shares and not letting go!


Somebody sees this bull run going on for a while. And if they think LSDC has barely started making its big move, that’s where we come to the party.


After all, senior housing is a $17 BILLION market growing 2 digits a year . . . from golf to assisted living, LSDC is at the heart of it.


LSDC just hired the architect to lay out its next senior living complex, so we should expect plenty of headline flow there to drive further action.


And this is going to be a BIG one: 161 acres with a minimum of 300-700 units . . . which might not be counting 1200 assisted living rooms.


With senior housing now considered the closest thing to an “excellent” building opportunity, LSDC seems to be in the right place in the right time.


LSDC is already digesting its latest acquisition, a 114-lot development nestled around the crown jewel of any retirement village, a golf course.


A typical senior community “only” pays a 7% return on its building costs . . . and unless you’re in Texas, the REITS are buying projects fast.


The kingpin here is Health Care REIT, which spent $3.7 BILLION last year and rates a cozy $24 BILLION market cap. (Read more)


LSDC is far from that world, but as the baby boomers age, demand for senior-oriented housing is not exactly going away anytime soon.


Just in Southern California where LSDC operates, 500 projects changed hands last year as REITS chase affluent retirees looking for the sun.


That’s our angle right there. LSDC doesn’t have to be a giant. Down here at our level, it’s fine if this company looks and trades like a start-up.


All it needs is to catch the attention of one of the big fish emerging in the assisted living industry. Maybe that’s happening even as we speak.


Clearly the volume trend unleashed on the LSDC chart in the last few weeks is a sign of something big going on beneath the surface.


Bottom Line: If you had a shot at one of the hottest demographic niches in the greatest real estate market on the planet, you’d take it, right?


As long as you could afford the ante, I think most traders would answer that one with" a big YES.


LSDC is that pure play. The Baby Boom isn’t getting any younger. They’re already retiring in record numbers. Soon the nursing home will be full.


And in the here and now, traders like us are already grabbing all the LSDC they can find down here while shares don’t even cost 1 dime.


A dime for a ticket to the biggest generational transition in decades! That’s what LSDC provides, and I look forward to seeing it trade.




Disclaimer: Stockchat LLC has received seven thousand dlrs via a bank wire from the awareness of LSDC from a third party RTF LLC

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