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Tesla shares continue to soar since they announced their plan to put lithium batteries in every home.

As it happens, TPHX was already making giant strides in the lithium power world behind the scenes . . . let mighty Tesla beware.

Lithium buzz has already turned TPHX into a $47 million phenomenon with huge partners like United Airlines eager to try its batteries.

That’s a long way from a “back of the napkin” start-up, but it’s still ground floor territory compared to Elon Musk’s billion-dollar baby.

And that’s where we come in. While TPHX has been riding a 200% wave over the last few months, the price is mighty low by Tesla standards.

That said, our window on the TPHX ground floor is rising fast:


What’s stunning about that 200% leap from $0.24 two mere month ago is that it ran the bases BEFORE Elon Musk even opened his mouth.


Say what you want about that guy, he knows how to get Wall Street grabbing any angle on whatever brainchild he’s hatching at the moment.

Tesla is taking its batteries out of cars and into houses? TPHX bought a lithium battery maker months ago.


TPHX is even working with vehicle retrofit shops to get its batteries under the hood of working diesel fleets . . . a market Musk would sniff at.

United Airlines has already agreed to try the system out in its baggage cars as it tries to switch from fossil fuel to electric motors.

A win could obviously open up a game-changing relationship for TPHX, especially in a world where electric planes are just over the horizon.

Musk isn’t thinking that high, at least as far as I can see. But with Musk pointing traders’ eyes to lithium power, the buzz is getting louder.


Lithium is more than laptop batteries now. It’s becoming a $19 billion market . . . and TPHX is right there on the scene.

Look back up at that chart. TPHX was already riding high before Musk promised he’d take his batteries outside Tesla cars.


The RSI is now far from overbought while hanging tough above the 50-point “rally” line. That’s a BULLISH signal.

MACD has kept climbing into fresh bull trend territory, coiling the TPHX screw tighter for eventual release. Again, BULLISH.

Volume went through the roof about two weeks ago and has yet to really return to its old lackluster levels. Can volume lead price? BULLISH!

And now that lithium is in the news, I think TPHX can get more than its share of catalyst to recharge its action. That kicks us up to VERY BULLISH.


How often do we get to trade a pure proxy on the Tesla miracle at a tiny fraction of the price? That’s what TPHX gives us tomorrow morning.

The party’s already started . . . with plenty of room left to run. It’s just waiting for that opening bell to ring and for us to arrive.




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