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Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. - ( BWVI )

There are literally Billions of Dollars worth in treasure lining national and island shorelines. Our newest Alert would know, they have recovered to the tune of several millions. Our latest play,BWVI, is not only expanding their efforts to become a major industry player, but they recently closed a ~$400K Sale of Treasure at auction

Just as geologists search for precious metals, shipwreck researchers actually have very detailed historical documentation of a vast multitude of shipwrecks carrying cargo. These lost ships carry hundreds of millions of dollars or more in Gold, Jewelry, Precious Gems, etc.. Records were meticulously kept chronicling their fall. BWVI is ready to bring them back to the surface. 

Examples of recent successful and/or current recovery expeditions are the 1715 Fleet, Margarita, and Ghost Fleet. BWVI typically works with and where respective federal and state rights are granted and being cooperated with.


The company has recently developed an ambitious strategy to become a Key Player in the Marketing and Monetization of these treasures in the auction market for themselves and external clients. Now is the time to start sifting through the company details to see where this play can go on another big release or find.


At $.20, BWVI has an OS of ~25.25Mil. The company has detailed the recent sales success, corporate expansion, and communications outreach. This play has Explosion Potential based on the inherent nature of their industry which is go big or go home. At the same time they are building in risk mitigation by establishing themselves as marketing and auction specialists.

What does their recovery success look like?

Per their website, we have the following:

  • During its developmental years, Blue Water Ventures engaged in successful search and recovery of the 1622 fleet galleon Santa Margarita located near Key West, Florida. From 2006 to 2011, utilizing proprietary new technologies, the Blue Water Ventures team recovered more than $16 million in rare and extraordinary treasures and artifacts from the widely dispersed shipwreck trail.

BWVI is engaged in the business of conducting archaeologically sensitive recoveries of cargo and artifacts from various shipwrecks. Its operations to date have focused on shallow water search and recovery projects in less than 150 feet of water. The Company is now expanding its focus to include deeper-water salvage of both historic and modern day shipwrecks. For more information go to

On 9/30 BWVI Announced the Creation of Blue Water Treasures, Inc. Treasure Found Around the World Will Be Marketed Through BWT.

  • They created Blue Water Treasures, Inc. ("BWT") as a subsidiary to engage in the marketing, sales and monetization of rare and unique treasures recovered from around the world. While BWT's efforts will commence with the marketing, sale and monetization of treasure and artifacts recovered by the Company, BWT will also seek to market, sell and monetize treasures recovered by others, as well as replicas derived from such treasures and artifacts.
  • BWT's efforts to monetize its treasure and artifacts will begin with the development of an exclusive line of treasure and nautical themed jewelry consisting of: i) unique, one of a kind pieces set with original treasure; ii) a series of precious metal reproductions; and iii) other pieces, some of which will contain historical silver or gold.
  • BWT will also seek to market high value treasure that it acquires through the auction process. The Company's recent success in the auctioning of its signature treasure pieces has demonstrated how the auction process can provide a quick and profitable means to monetize treasure and other unique artifacts.
  • The Company has taken steps to update its website and promote and expand its social media footprint so that interested parties may follow its activities online.Additionally BWT is also developing its own website and establishing its own social media presence. BWT's website will include an online store that sells treasure and nautical themed jewelry, historical artifact replicas and related items directly to the public. The Company anticipates that both website projects will be substantially completed in time for this year's holiday season.

On 8/19 Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. Announced the Sale of Its Signature Santa Margarita Treasure Pieces.

At $.20, BWVI is on the verge of breaching its 20 and 200 SMA's which are resting approximately at ~$.20. The 20SMA is about to Break the 200SMA which is typically considered a Bullish Catalyst. Take a Look at the Daily Chart to see the Technical Potential of this play.

  • Support is at the 50SMA at ~$.15.
  • The 20SMA may break the 200SMA any day this week.
  • RSI is Bullish at ~61 following a recent surge and pullback from $.22.

Targets are 1Q15 Highs of $.30 which may provide possible Returns of 50%+ from current prices. Given the explosive nature of a Find, there is no telling how high this price can go with the right discovery.

This company has had ludicrous finds based on previous sales per their website before going public. They have an Experienced and Passionate Team who have made the Treasure Recovery Industry their Lives. The recent strategy to extend their scope into auction and treasure marketing provides a more stable business growth option going forward to compliment their Homerun Recovery nature. 

Keep your eyes peeled for BWVI updates, and remember to trade wisely as always. We hope you enjoy BWVI.


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